A day like no other

Bartholomew's Day on 24 August

For tourists an unforgettable holiday spectacle - for Renon people a lived custom: The cattle drive on Bartholomew's Day. The other day the time had come again and the fantastic weather attracted thousands to the pasture "Rittner Alm".
Bavarian veal sausage and wheat beer - with this the "unofficial" holiday starts on August 24th. In many different locals on the way to the Corno del Renon or directly on the mountain, there are toasts to this special day early in the morning. Of course in "Dirndl" or "Lederhosen", because traditional costume is "in". From 10 o'clock onwards, the Vanga music band plays on the "Bartlma-Markt-Wiese". Some hike directly up the hill, others make a stopover at the Saltner Hut, and still others take the comfortable cable car.

Anyway - at 12 the highlight of the festival: hundreds of Haflinger horses and cows are brought in. The whole thing is somewhat reminiscent of a fashion show of the animals and in the broadest sense it is, because the spectators clap and the animals are examined and traded by the farmers. The air is filled with neighing, "mooing" and bells ringing and the smell of sausages, chops and "Krapfen". The "Saltners" (shepherds) lift their hats and show their skills at "Goaßlschnöllen". Young and old, locals and tourists sit on picnic blankets in the grass and enjoy the view of the fantastic South Tyrolean mountain scenery. Children play with stones at the stream. Some of them are looking for a little cooling off in the beautiful lake above the "Bartlma-Markt-Wiese". Later, when the colourful hustle and bustle is over, the celebrations in Tre Vie continue into the late evening hours.


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