On the sunny plateau one discovers the beauties of nature...

The sunny plateau of the Renon is an ideal location for everyone wanting to be active while surrounded by nature - schwimming, running, archery, cycling, hiking... The hiking area of the Renon boasts 300 kilometres of hiking trails - a challenge and pure bliss for everyone. The lake Costalovara is located in an idyllic location in the vicinity of Soprabolzano, nestled between rolling, green hills. The ideal place for all ages to have fun and recharge your batteries, too.
The fabulous world of ToniThe fabulous world of Tonion the Corno del RenonThe eagle Toni, which has been flying over the Corno del Renon all winter long and has attracted the attention of one or the other skier and hiker, returns on Renon. He - king of the air - who has an excellent overview of everything, has chosen the Corno del Renon for his new world of adventure. Go or fly with him over this world, where he and also his ancestors have lived before! At first you can fly just like Toni, up to the Cima Lago Nero. You don't need wings to do this, you can also fly with the Corno del Renon cable car.
Once you arrive at the mountain station, it's only a few steps to the panoramic tower. If you climb up there, you will have a great overview, just like Toni...
And what does Toni think belongs in a legendary adventure world? A huge eagle's nest, so big that it is already a labyrinth, a water world with Kneipp basins and water channels for splashing and playing, climbing possibilities, fabulous views, exciting insights into another world ... But come and experience it yourself!  One thing we can tell you already now: it never gets boring with Toni!
And we promise: You don't have to go far, the way through this fabulous world leads from the mountain station Cima Lago Nero to the Corno di Sotto. While you enjoy the world of Toni, there are enough resting places for your parents to enjoy the panorama. But maybe they will find it more exciting to take part in the legendary adventure games...
Length of the circular walk: approx. 2 km
Start: mountain station Cima Lago Nero - Corno di Sotto - mountain station Cima Lago NeroRead more
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Funimal ForestFunimal ForestFun in natureAt the eight stations along the trail, kids and adults alike will learn about the animals that are important for the survival of our woodland. So we start the trip to visiting Ivo, Bella, Walter & Co.
With Pyramix we follow the tracks of the wild animals on the sunny high plateau Renon. The nature experience trail with the marking no. 16 leads us from Soprabolzano through woods and meadows over the village from Soprabolzano past to the farm Lobis and its mill.
At the beginning of the trail Pyramix welcomes us and tells us a lot about the wildlife on Renon. Curiosity is already aroused and off we go!
We already see the first coloured spots between the trees. What could this be? ...It is Fiona, the clever Mrs. Fox. Here in the forest she has found a great place for her earth.
The path leads us further to Ivo, a companion with a spiky hairstyle, which you can find especially at night while looking for food. Well, which animal do you think is meant?
Again and again we pass various forest and meadow inhabitants. Whether it's Walter, the busy woodpecker, who hammers a cave for his chicks into the tree, or Sissi, the busy squirrel, who collects his stocks.
At each of these stations, children will find great opportunities to play and learn about the characteristics of the animals in a playful way, and of course there is also a description of the wild animal with its special features.
Entertainment and fun for young and old are therefore guaranteed.The nature trail is simply FUNtastic!
Start: Soprabolzano/Oberbozen station for rail way & cable car Renon. 
Long: about 3,6km
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Pram-friendly trail offers

Earth Pyramids Earth Pyramids Start: Klobenstein, station
End: Klobenstein, station
Trail number: 24
Tour length: 3.580 m
Ascent: 100 m
Descent: 104 m
Tour duration: 80 min.
Difficulty: easy hiking trail
Highlights on the way: earth pyramids, magnificent Dolomite panorama, Commandery Lengmoos/Longomoso
Promenade Maria AssuntaPromenade Maria AssuntaStart: Oberbozen, station
End: Oberbozen, station
Trail number: 2, 14A, 2B, 14, 14B, 35
Tour length: 4.179 m
Difference in altidude: 107 m
Tour duration: 1 h 10 min.
Difficulty: easy
Highlights on the way: idyllic summer resort Maria Himmelfahrt/Maria Assunta, panorama of the Dolomites 
Funimal Forest on the Ritten
Funimal Forest on the Ritten
The fabulous world of Toni on the Rittner Horn
The fabulous world of Toni on the Rittner Horn
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