Enjoy to promenade in the mountains

The Ritten high plateau is lined with comfortable walking paths that enjoy great popularity. Many of them were built in the tradition of the Ritten summer retreat. On the way, in wonderfully fresh mountain air and spoiled by the sun, experience fascinating views of the Dolomites, of Bolzano and the picturesque villages. Walk and promenade in the footsteps of probably the most famous guest, Dr. Sigmund Freud.

"Here on the Ritten it is divinely beautiful...! Sigmund Freud wrote to C.G. Jung: "Dear friend,... Here on the Ritten it is divinely beautiful and comfortable. I have discovered in myself an inexhaustible desire to do nothing, tempered by two hours' reading in new things.... Goodbye!"
Freud PromenadeFreud PromenadeStart: Oberbozen, station
End: Klobenstein, station
Trail number: 35
Tour lenght: 5.585 m
Ascent: 132 m
Descent: 92 m
Tour duration: 1 h 20 min
Difficulty: easy hiking trail
Highlights on the way: Aphorisms on the Freud Promenade, panorama Dolomites, return Railway Ritten

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Sommerfrischweg & ErdpyramidenwegSommerfrischweg & ErdpyramidenwegRound tripStart: Oberbozen, station
End: Oberbozen, station
Trail number & sign: Sommerfrischweg & Erdpyramidenweg
Tour length: 5.280 m
Ascent: 238 m
Descent: 227 m
Tour duration: 100 min.
Difficulty: medium hiking trail
Highlights on the way: earth pyramids, churches St. Georg & Jakob, summer resort in Maria HimmelfahrtRead more
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