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Everything worth knowing about Renon - the plateau blessed by the sun

The Renon mountain spreads from sunbathed vineyards in the valley, at an altitude of 296 meters, all the way up to the peak of the Corno del Renon at 2260 meters, thus comprising 2000 meters of elevation difference. This results in a wonderfully diversified vegetation: vines and chestnuts on the sunny slopes in the valley, pine-, spruce- and larch forests at mid-range, and above the tree line, Alpine meadows.
The high plateau of Renon spreads across a total surface of 111.48 km², comprising vast forests and meadows and boasting a phenomenal 360° view of the surrounding South Tyrolean mountains. The sunny mountain plateau sits on the Bolzano Quartz Porphyry plate, 2000 km² wide and 4000 m thick - a rock that formed around 285 million years ago.
Around 8000 people live here, scattered across the entire territory. The principal village Klobenstein/Collalbo ranks highest in population with 2200 inhabitants, followed by Oberbozen/Soprabolzano with more than 1500, and then Unterinn/Auna di Sotto with more than 1400. The population of men and women is evenly distributed. More than 95% are German native speakers, 4.5 % are Italian native speakers and 0.25 % Ladin native speakers.
The many farms and a cultivated rural landscape speak for themselves: the entire Renon area is very much characterized by agriculture. And so, farming leads the three strongest economic factors on Renon, followed by the trades and tourism. The major Renon companies are Loacker, a chocolate and wafer producer, and the windows and doors manufacturer Finstral.
Since 1967 Renon’s coat of arms shows two white rafters on a red surface. This design traces back to the emblem of the noblemen of Zwingenstein, whose castle stood on a hill in the Auna di Sotto forest until its destruction in 1276. The Zwingenstein lineage came to an end already in 1531. Their heritage, however, lingers on as the municipality continues their coat of arms in its emblem. The Tourist Office Renon and the sports club Ritten Sport use the Renon emblem in their logos.
Since 2009, we stand in the name of the sun. The sunny Renon plateau’s logo is inspired by its core attractions and services: The sunny Renon mountain is a haven of peace and vitality where people come and plug in. Those seeking regeneration will find and recover physical, mental and social vigor here. The brand image is the synthesis of the municipality’s emblem with the sun, presented in 3D to emphasize liveliness. Its colors reflect our overall aspiration to be an attractive destination all year round.
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