The bright side of life

Gourmet dreams come true on the sunny Ritten mountain!

All roads eventually lead to culinary deliciousness! At least they do so here, in  sunny Renon. Follow the roads and paths to restaurants, inns or rural taverns where authentic taste and beauty merge to genuine culinary bliss. On the Renon plateau and mountain, your taste buds are in for a treat – thanks to geography. The sunny plateau and ample south-facing slopes are naturally blessed with 300 days of sun a year. So, at different altitudes, everything that’s tasty has a chance to thrive and prosper. You too will taste the yumminess of a juicy local beef steak, the fruity sweetness of a "Rittner Kloatz” (dried pear), and anything else that our fields, meadows and woods may yield onto your plate.
Restaurants & inns
Apipura Hotel Rinner
Hotel Bemelmans
Hotel Geyrerhof
Hotel Am Wolfsgrubenersee