ritten tourism association

strengthens the local economy and the guest experience

The Ritten Tourist Association plays a central role in the economy of the municipality of Ritten and was founded in 1993 to take over the functions of the public transport authorities. Organised under private law and regulated by a provincial law, the association brings together commercial and non-commercial accommodation providers, restaurants, lift facilities, ski schools, mountain guides as well as service providers, traders and craftsmen.

The core tasks of the Ritten Tourist Association include the establishment of information and service centres for tourists (guests of Ritten accommodation establishments and restaurants), including the provision of services and bookings. TV-Ritten collects data and records all information relevant to tourism. It promotes and organises tourism-related events and initiatives and cooperates with partners at local and regional level. In terms of local and structural maintenance, it ensures that the cultural heritage is preserved and promotes businesses and facilities that are important for tourism.

The tourism association is the first point of contact for accommodation providers in the municipality, takes care of guest support, complaint management and organises holiday-friendly local development. The income from the local tax is channelled into the expansion and maintenance of infrastructure, services and cultural and sporting events. This municipal tax is levied per guest and overnight stay and supports the sustainable development and attractiveness of the destination.
Ritten Tourist Association
Office in Klobenstein
Dorf 5
I - 39054 Klobenstein Ritten
Tel. +39 0471 356 100

Office in Oberbozen
Ing.-Riehl-Platz 1
I - 39054 Oberbozen Ritten
Tel. +39 0471 345 245

E-Mail: info@ritten.com

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