Soak up the sun!

Blessed with at least 300 days of sunshine each year, on the Renon mountain, you can soak up so much sun, it might even keep you warm on those few rainy days … Find out more about your vacation weather here.

Weather today, 03.06.2023

Unstable weather

In the afternoon, the probability of showers, even thunderstorms, will increase further. In the evening or in the night the rainfall will cease.
The weather will be influenced by unstable air masses.
Maximum temperatures up to 21°/26°.
Unstable weather

Mountain conditions today, 03.06.2023

Unstable weather

Temperatures: 1000m = 17° / 2000m = 8° / 3000m = 2°Visibility in the mountains will tend to worsen with the development of cumuliform cloudiness. Especially in the afternoon, showers, even thunderstorms, are likely.
Unstable weather

Weather tomorrow, 04.06.2023

still unstable

The day will begin with intense cloudiness. The sun will only appear in places. As the day progresses, the probability of showers or thunderstorms will rapidly increase over much of the territory.
A low pressure over the Mediterranean will bring unstable air masses towards the Alps.
Maximum temperatures will be between 16° and 25°.
still unstable

Mountain conditions tomorrow, 04.06.2023

Still unstable

Temperatures: 1000m = 14° / 2000m = 7° / 3000m = -1°Conditions in the mountains will not be good. Visibility will often be reduced and the probability of showers or thunderstorms will increase already in the morning.
Still unstable

4 Day Weather Forecast


On Monday, clouds will prevail in the sky accompanied by showers with occasional thunderstorms. Only sunny spells. Tuesday will begin with local low cloud formations. In the morning, sunshine will prevail, while isolated showers will form in the warmer hours. On Wednesday, conditions will not change with variable cloudiness and scattered showers in the afternoon.


Very cloudy
Min 8° / Max 24°
Reliability 70%


Partly cloudy
Min 8° / Max 27°
Reliability 70%


Min 8° / Max 25°
Reliability 60%


Min 8° / Max 26°
Reliability 60%
03.06.2023 - 16:43

For detailed information on the weather conditions at the Rittner Horn/Corno del Renon consult its meteorological station’s webpage!
Discover the current weather in real time through the Renon Webcams!
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