Heavenly history

On the sunny plateau of Renon we have a number of beautiful historic churches, and they are all worth a visit. In many of them, services and masses are still held regularly.
The prettiest historic churches of Renon
St. George and JacobSt. George and JacobOberbozen | SoprabolzanoIn the St. George and St.Jacobs Church in Soprabolzano you can admire beautiful murals from the late 13th century. You can borrow the key at the tourist office in Oberbozen/Soprabolzano.
St Anthony ChurchSt Anthony ChurchKlobenstein | CollalboThe St Anthony’s Church in Klobenstein dates from the 17th Century. This church, and also the one in Maria Himmelfahrt was built for the use of the summer visitors. Indeed this church should really not have built at all for the church in Lengmoos is only a few minutes on foot from Klobenstein. But the citizens of Bozen took themselves to the Ritten court house and presented their case thus: „We need the church in Klobenstein not only from our christian zeal and as a means of furthering the praise of God, but also as a comfort and benefit for our souls and as a convenience so that during the summer months it is easier for us to attend Mass more often.“Read more
Santa MariaSanta Maria
Parish of the Assumption of MaryParish of the Assumption of MaryLengmoos | LongomosoThis church was probably built between 1220 and 1225. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It has been very much altered over time and in 1510 was enlarged in the Gothic style. The tower, which is not very tall, was probably first erected in 1300 and shows signs of the coming Gothic style, as do the slightly pointed tower windows. The tower was not extended in 1510 and so today makes rather a modest impressionRead more
St Nicholas ChurchSt Nicholas ChurchMittelberg | Monte di MezzoThe St. Nicholas church in Mittelberg is first mentioned in 1289. This church was enlarged in the Gothic style in 1400 and has kept its appearance from that time. The tower is somewhat later than the church and was probably built in the 14th Century. It is made of natural stones laid in regular patterns. Possibly in 1400 the upper levels were altered to the Gothic tyle and the existing windows date from that period. In 1744 a rather large onion dome was added. It does not fit the building but is still quite pleasing. Another reason for building the church was the competition between the summer visitors to Klobenstein and those of Maria Himmelfahft. In Klobenstein they did not wish to be behind the people who were building their own church in Himmelfahrt at the time.Read more
St Verena ChurchSt Verena ChurchLengstein | LongostagnoThis church is first mentioned in 1256. It is beautifully placed on a glacially eroded crag. It is thought that at one time it was a place for sacrifices, perhaps in Celtic times.
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