The principal- town and what beauty!

At an altitude of 1154 meters, Collalbo is the municipal seat and the principal town of Renon. From the village center with its shops, cafés, the tourist board’s office and the St. Antonius Church it’s easy to reach some of the prettiest promenades and hiking trails of the Renon mountain. Collalbo is also home of the Ritten Arena, hub for sports enthusiasts and fans, and the final stop of the historic narrow-gauge railway, the Renon Train.
In Collalbo you will find:
  • the town hall
  • numerous shops and the local pharmacy
  • health and medical services center with all on-duty doctors on site
  • Ritten-Renon Tourist Office information center
  • Ritten Arena: the Ice Ring, rink, football field und tennis courts
  • public outdoor pool
  • play grounds
  • train station of the historic narrow-gauge railway
  • Commandery of Lengmoos
  • Renon Earth Pyramids (in Longomoso)
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Hotel Weihrerhof
Hotel Tann