A snowshoe hike to the Corno del Renon

Step by step to happiness

Rittner Horn
A winter wonderland, hiking together through untouched nature. Where snowshoe hiking becomes a wow experience that you will not forget. Every Wednesday by appointment!
Last Wednesday during the guided snowshoe hike, I got that confirmed once again. Especially the icy mountain pines left a lasting impression on all participants.

Crystals in the sun
At 10.30 a.m., we meet at the valley station of the Corno del Renon. The sky is blue and without a single cloud, the air is cold and clear. Josef, our unobtrusive but very friendly guide, tries on the snowshoes with us, which we can borrow from the ski center for free. Nevertheless, before we put them on, we take the cable car up to the mountain station at 2000 m altitude (free with the RittenCard). Here we start our tour and walk to the Lago Nero, a newly created reservoir, which is of course frozen at this time of year. After only a few meters, we cannot stop being amazed. The landscape is breathtaking: Ice formations have formed on the trees and mountain pines, which glitter now in the sun and sparkle like crystals. On the way around the lake, we stop several times to photograph this special natural spectacle.

One with nature
Then we continue quickly until we see the next huts in front of us and cross the ski slope. Josef asks us if we want to reach the summit. Due to the small size of the group, he can adapt to the needs of the participants and decide the route according to their physical condition and preferences. For us one thing is certain: the summit is the goal. Although it is already in sight, we need a good hour to reach it. Plenty of time to discover the winter mountain world and experience nature away from the hustle and bustle of the ski circus. Only a white splendor can be seen, only our breath and the scratching of snowshoes can be heard.

360-degree mountain cinema
Arrived at 2260 m, a cinema of a special kind presents itself to us: a 360-degree view of the peaks of the South Tyrolean Mountains. While drinking a “Jagertee” at the snow bar of the hut, we enjoy the breathtaking panorama. The sun tickles our nose; our body recovers from the stress and noise of the world.
Then we descend again to the “Unterhornhaus”. We really deserve our lunch and in the warm room, we have time to talk in peace. Josef tells us that in snowy winters one can already walk from the valley station of the cable car to the Rittner Horn and that there are then countless climbing possibilities off the beaten track. However, we are convinced that our hike today can hardly be topped anymore and return to the parking after 4 hours exhausted but pumped full of happiness hormones.


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