Wagyu South Tyrol: Pleasure at the highest level

Stefan Rottensteiner, a young farmer from Renon, wants to make his dream come true and set up his own EU-certified processing area. To achieve his goal, he has launched a crowd funding campaign on the Crowd funding South Tyrol platform and offers his supporters Wagyu pleasure packages.
Stefan Rottensteiner - 25 years old and raised on the farm Oberweidacherhof on Renon - is the first South Tyrolean young farmer to breed Wagyu cattle, rare Japanese cattle breed. "Even as a boy I was fascinated by the work on the farm. So my career aspirations were soon clear: I wanted to take over my parents' farm. I was looking for a way to combine tradition and modernity in agriculture. That's why I took an unconventional path at a young age. Barely of age, I was the first South Tyrolean farmer to start breeding Wagyu cattle", says Stefan.

Wagyu cattle differ from other cattle in that they are able to store many more fine fat veins between the muscle phases. This makes the meat particularly tender and very tasty. The small herd of cattle on Renon is something very special and also has a special home. Every day they enjoy the fresh mountain herbs, the clean mountain air, the lots of exercise and the stress-free life on the pasture.
One part of Stefan's dream has now become reality: he has taken over his parents' farm, where 28 Wagyu cattle are at home. Now he wants to take the next big step and set up an EU-certified processing area for the Wagyu meat. The processing area is essential for him to start marketing the meat at home and abroad. Rottensteiner also wants to open an online shop: Through this shop, customers will in future be able to reserve Wagyu meat easily and order it at home. The investment costs are high, however. To cover part of the investment, Rottensteiner has launched a crowd funding campaign on the crowd funding platform of the lvh. Crowd funding - also known as swarm financing - is an alternative financing option where mostly private persons are investors. In the end, many small amounts of money from many supporters make up the sum that makes the implementation of a project possible. "Wagyu meat is very limited in quantity.
All people who enjoy meat can find Stefan's project on www.crowdfunding-suedtirol.it.
On Renon you can enjoy Wagyu meat in the restaurant of the Parkhotel Holzner!
Text: Michela Patuzzo - Team Crowdfunding South Tyrol
Pictures: Benjamin Pfitscher


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