A scent of apple in the nose

Renon at the time of apple blossom

I love anything that has to do with apples: apple strudel, apple juice, baked apples. It's no surprise that the time of apple blossom is my favourite season.
When thousands of apple trees throughout South Tyrol are in snow-white blossom, my heart rises. Fortunately I live in Auna di Sotto on Renon and therefore I can enjoy this spectacle every year. Even when I close my eyes, I know that spring is here, because the whole air smells of apple blossom.
Unfortunately, the time of apple blossom is short and depends on the weather. Mostly it falls on Renon due to the slightly higher altitude to mid April. Those who are lucky enough to have a holiday here at this time should do the following:
  • Walk through the blossoming apple meadows and absorb the scent
  • Search a viewpoint and look from above at the white splendour
  • Take photos of the white and pink flowers and show them off to those at home.
By the way, there are many specialities around the apple on Renon, from naturally unfiltered apple juice to apple balsamic vinegar and apple jam. You can buy these products among others in the small farmers' markets as also in the gourmet and farm shop.


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