Happy experiences on Renon

Gift Tip Mother's Day

At least once a year we become aware of what our mother is doing: She comforts us when we are sad, gives advice and listens always our problems. Therefore we should spoil her at least once a year. Why not with a time out on Renon?
Mother's Day looks back on a long tradition. Even before Christ a kind of Mother's Day festival was organized for Roman and Greek goddesses. Napoleon proposed the establishment of a Mother's Day in the 19th century. In the end, we owe this day of honour to the efforts of the American Ann Jarvis. She fought until 1914 when Mother's Day was introduced in the USA. From there it spread quickly to other European countries.
Today, Ann Jarvis would probably turn over in her grave at the sight of the commercialisation of this day of honour. But that doesn't have to be the case: spoiling is also possible without material gifts such as flowers or chocolates. After all, what is the most precious thing we can give today? Time! Time for unforgettable shared experiences on the sunny plateau of Renon? So how about an excursion or a long weekend?
Here are some ideas:


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