Alpacas & Amore

A wonderful autumn day, a couple in love and two alpacas. Well, how could this match together?
Recently Walter Mair from the Kaserhof received a very special request. Two of his alpacas should set off as love ambassadors. With the animals Alessandro from Rome wanted to make a very special marriage proposal to his girlfriend Sevi.

Under the pretext of an Alpaca-Trekking, Alessandro took Sevi to the Kaserhof. There already two of the curious animals were waiting for the couple. Of course, Walter chose very special alpacas: the two champion stallions Apollo de Oro in black and Navarro de Oro in white.

A brief review of their love story: the two have known each other for 1 ½ year and have already lived together for a year in Venice, the city of love. They got to know each other at work. Alessandro was transferred from his company to Venice and Sevi worked as a secretary there. What a wonderful coincidence!

Very enthusiastic about their animal companions, Sevi and Alessandro walked through the autumn forest. Arriving at a meadow, Alessandro sent his girlfriend ahead. What she didn't know was that a beautiful bouquet of roses was waiting for her behind a small hill. At the same time Alessandro had enough time to tie a golden heart-shaped box around Apollo de Oro's neck.

Then it was time: Alessandro walked towards Sevi with the black alpaca, knelt down in front of her and... immediately the tears of joy began to flow. Of course, she said YES. What else, with such a romantic proposal!

We wish them all the best for their future together!


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