Törggelen on Renon

Synonym for a cosy get-together and South Tyrolean specialities

The best way to spend a sunny, clear autumn day on Renon is to go for a walk followed by a stop with "Törggelen". This custom is called "the fifth season of the Southern Alps" and is more than just a culinary delight.
Törggelen is an age-old tradition dating back to a time when farmers would treat all their friends and neighbors who helped yielding the harvest in the fall to a meal at their farmhouse, to celebrate the completion of this exhausting job. In wine-growing regions, this feast was usually held in the cellar, where of course the wine press, called “Torggl” in the local vernacular, was situated. And from thence derived the term “törggelen”.

The recipe for happiness in South Tyrol's autumn is wine, chestnuts, fresh air and sun. A colourful landscape and crystal-clear autumn air await you on Renon high above Bolzano. Here, numerous country taverns (“Buschenschänke” or “Hofschänke”) offer not only good wine and rural culinary delights, but also an authentic ambience in cosy parlours or outdoors with the magnificent panoramic view from Renon. Barley soup, cheese dumplings (“Kasnocken”) or "Schlutzer" (half-moon-shaped pasta parcels, usually filled with spinach) are served as starters and a “Schlachtplatte” with salt pork, ribs, various sausages, dumplings and sauerkraut as main course. Finally, there are roasted chestnuts and sweet "Krapfen" (doughnuts) with a delicious stuffing - and perhaps a glass of homemade schnapps.

The participating country taverns are located in villages where wine and chestnuts are grown. Hikers on Renon discover quiet paths, rustic taverns, cosy parlours and sunny viewing points. Sitting under an old pear tree on beautiful wooden benches and enjoying the famous panoramic view of Renon, your heart will beat faster.

Talking about pear trees: In the past, in every garden, in front of every house on the Renon mountain, there stood a pear tree. Pears were dried to "Kloatzen", thus the summer sweetness was preserved throughout the year. Today, the making and use of the "Kloatze" in the local cuisine is supported. With fresh, reinterpreted recipes this rarity is now a registered trademark.


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