To the alpine rose blossom on the Corno del Renon

Magnificent flowers at lofty heights

Get into your hiking boots, with your rucksack on your back, sun cream on your nose and hiking sticks in your hands, off we go, up to the Corno del Renon. We take the bus from Collalbo to Tre Vie and from there we continue with the cable car Corno del Renon up to the mountain station at the Cima Lago Nero.
The clouds disperse and a breathtaking panorama emerges. Mountains as far as the eye can see. Just for this it was worth it to go up to over 2000 meters.

But we are not only amazed by the distance view, also the view right around us is very fascinating. A gorgeous pink sea of flowers. The alpine roses on the Corno del Renon are in full bloom and make our trip seem even more dreamlike...

From the Cima Lago Nero we hike to the Corno del Renon. With the 360° panorama of the surrounding mountain scenery, even the last meters of altitude are not difficult. After a short break, we hike back to the Cima Lago Nero. We also don't miss the walk to the panoramic trail with the round table. There the naming of the mountains and peaks is discussed. Santner or Euringer? Tschafon or Hammerwand? Fortunately the round table gives us the missing answers.

Passing the hut "Saltnerhütte", the route leads through the blooming alpine roses back to Tre Vie.
A great hiking day comes to an end, the rucksack now full of wonderful impressions, we go home satisfied.


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