Autumn time at the sunny high plateau Renon

5 reasons to spend your holidays here...

Each season is wonderful for a vacation on Renon, but especially in autumn the sunny high plateau shows itself from the most beautiful side. Here you can find out what awaits you in autumn:

1st Colouring

Colourful, bright autumn on Renon. When the foliage turns gold, red and brown, nature shows itself in its most beautiful splendour. A reflection of the red-yellow trees in the water of a lake here, colourful leaves in the grass there. A treat for the eyes. Especially beautiful: a ride with the cable car Renon over the vineyards of the colourful St. Magdalener Hill! An "Indian Summer" in front of a wonderful mountain scenery.

2nd Clear mountain view

Apropos mountains: In autumn the sky is azure blue and the air so clear that the mountains seem to be within ones reach. The contours look drawn. No hot summer day can offer this view like a clear autumn day. And the risk of thunderstorms is the lowest.

3rd Chestnut Trail and Co

A particularly beautiful part of the famous Isarco Valley "Keschtnweg" also leads over Renon. Autumn ensures pleasant hiking temperatures, leaves rustle under the shoes and on the way you can pick up one or two fallen chestnuts. Through Unterinn/Auna di Sotto and its earth pyramids you pass meadows and mixed forests above the ruin Stein along to Siffian/Siffiano.

4th “Törggelen”

At the latest in Siffian/Siffiano we’ll say: Take a break with “Törggelen”. At the Buschenschank farmhouse inn Rielinger, for example, which lies directly on the “Keschtnweg”. But also, numerous other farmhouse inns offer from the beginning of October until the end of November, in addition to good wine and rural delicacies, an authentic ambience in cosy rooms or outdoors with the famous panorama view of Renon. Away from the South Tyrolean bus and “Törggele” tourism, hikers discover quiet paths, dreamlike panoramas and inns with local flavour on Renon.

5th Harvest season

The apples shine yellow in the sun, the grapes hang heavily on the vine. Autumn at Ritten also means apple harvest and “wimmen” (grape harvest). Now you have the opportunity to look over the farmer's shoulder and taste the fruits of a long summer.

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