Wild herbs

Nature walk with herb guide

In summer lush green meadows lure us out into nature. In bright sunshine the herb hike takes us through the meadows below Longostagno to the historic farm Zunerhof. The herbal expert recognizes some natural medicines, whose effect can only be astonished. Between the blades of grass there is one or two miracle cures hidden, which some people dismiss as weeds.
It is worth taking a closer look: Mother Nature is not only beautiful to see in early summer, but also a pharmacy for all kinds of ailments and diseases. Did you know that elderberry can be used as a fever reducer, or that the cowslip is a natural cough syrup?

Whether or not you are accused of doping after eating the roots of the common polypody? Yes, because this root is considered a stimulant for the body.

The herbal expert will guide us through the meadows and explain the herbs step by step. At the end of our herb hike we will have homemade herbal teas and herbal curds at the farm Zunerhof, a delicious conclusion to a great and instructive day.

Well, did we give you a taste? Would you like to learn more about these miracle healers along the way? Then sign up for the next herb hike at the Renon Tourist Office!


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