Easter in South Tyrol

The Easter bunny brings the spring

It's almost time: Easter is just around the corner! Goodbye winter and welcome spring.
After a long winter, body and soul rejoice about the first warm sunrays. This year, Easter Sunday is on the 31st March. It can be quite warm in the mountains then. Especially around Bolzano: The mild climate here already makes the apple trees blossom in the basin of Bolzano. Renon also benefits at this time of the year from its location on a sunny slope.

Experience contrasts: blooming valleys and snow-covered mountains!

This ideal position makes it possible to enjoy an Aperol Spritz already outdoors, while in the Dolomites the slopes are still perfectly groomed. Daffodils, crocuses and tulips conjure colorful spots and the sun's rays tickle your face. There are many ways to enjoy spring with its various scents:
  • Experience the traditional Easter customs
  • Hike to the beekeeping museum "Plattner Bienenhof" and learn interesting facts about honey & bee
  • Enjoy the awakening nature during an Easter walk with fresh mountain air
  • Hike along the chestnut trail "Keschtnweg" and stop at a country tavern
  • Get to know llamas and alpacas during a llama trekking
  • Eat Easter eggs and enjoy the spring dish "asparagus with Bolzano sauce"
Easter in South Tyrol has many customs, such as “Pecken”: two hard-boiled eggs are taken by the “opponents” who bash the ends against each other. The player whose egg hasn’t cracked is the winner, and he or she gets to eat the losing egg as a trophy. Easter ham, freshly prepared horseradish, a special Easter bread and asparagus with Bolzano sauce are also part of the tradition and simply taste delicious. Already one week before - on Palm Sunday - beautifully decorated palm branches are made.
Easter on Renon - a feast for all senses!


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