A family trip to the earth pyramids on Renon

Children call them clay pillars with hats. The earth pyramids on Renon are not only a natural wonder, but can also be combined with a wonderful walk.
Europe’s tallest and most perfectly shaped earth pyramids are to be found on the Renon mountain in several locations: in the gorge of the Finsterbach creek between Longomoso and Monte di Mezzo, in the Katzenbach-creek gorge below Soprabolzano, and in the gorge of Gasters in Auna di Sotto.
They all have one thing in common: they are worth a trip at any time of the year.
Today, together with friends and our children, I will first visit the ones in Soprabolzano and then the earth pyramids in Longomoso.
Very close to the natural spectacle
Starting point is the top station of the cable car in Soprabolzano. We always follow the sign with the n°23. At first we follow the "Via piscina" for a while and then through a few bends we descend a bit into the forest and continue to a large clearing. To the left of us, the earth pyramids now rise at the edge of the break-off. Already impressive these giants of clay. We continue uphill over a meadow and into the forest, following the markings. With a great view to the peaks of Sciliar, Catinaccio and Latemar, we finally reach the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and from there back to Soprabolzano. But our adventure is not over yet!
Post from Finsterbach creek
From Soprabolzano we take the railway Renon to Collalbo and walk from the local train station towards the village centre on trail 24 to the earth pyramids in Longomoso. This time we can even take the stroller with us. You could also park your car below the Comandery of Longomoso and start from there. At first we follow the road for a while, but soon the path branches off to the right into a beautiful forest. Here it is almost flat, after a few meters our children discover some goats grazing right next to the forest path. You can already see them majestically enthroned in the distance above the so-called Finsterbach creek: the earth pyramids. We reach the first platform and are blown away: this view! In front of us lies the Sciliar and the beautiful village of Monte di Mezzo with its striking church. And at the bottom of the gorge these giants of clay. Our little ones have already discovered the next highlight: postcards and a mailbox. Whoever wants to, sends greetings from here free of charge to all over the world. And so we first paint and write before we go on. We want to walk up to Maria Saal, that is the name of the little church that is visible from the earth pyramids. From there, one could continue walking to Bad Siess, but our family excursion day ends here after many interesting stages.


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