Highest apple pleasure in the mountains

at the sunny high plateau in South Tyrol

How does the saying go? "An apple a day..." Today's hike through apple meadows with a final tasting of gourmet apple juices has confirmed this: Tasting, smelling and exploring nature is good for the inner balance.
15 people from near and far. A great group, who set off today with hiking guide Sepp to find a little inner balance.
Starting point is the railway stop Stella. Already after a few minutes we reach the first lookout point. The view wanders far into the distance to the mountains Sciliar, Catinaccio and Co. Sepp knows them all, of course. He has been a hiking guide since the 70s and has a lot of knowledge and entertaining anecdotes in his luggage.

Buzzy bees
We continue through untouched, unfertilized flower meadows to the bee museum. Beekeeper Erwin briefly interrupts his work and spontaneously invites us for a bee liqueur. We don't care about the saying "Who rests, rusts" and stop for a moment. This is also good for the balance: taking breaks. And pay attention to the physical well-being. The place here is particularly picturesque: Situated on a hill is a 600-year-old farm with a thatched roof, which is hardly visible today. 150-year-old pear trees, a farm garden with old cultivated plants, a small pond with water lilies - just perfect. In addition to the largest private collection on South Tyrolean beekeeping, you can also visit the originally preserved residential tract of the farm. And here again: this view, from the Ortles to the Dolomites!
Passing a cherry plantation, chickens and pigs, we walk in beautiful sunshine towards Signato. Here we have lunch in a typical country tavern: the Kinighof. Under shady trees we taste the dumplings and bacon and enjoy the peace and quiet. The little farm dog keeps us company.

Apple juice in a wine glass
Newly strengthened, the hike continues towards Auna di Sotto with great views over Bolzano. Passing apple trees we march to the Obsthof Troidner. Here Renate explains to us how the gourmet apple juices known all over Europe are produced (all apples are selected individually and by hand) and why the juices taste so much better than others (only one sort is put into the bottle without adding water). Just like at a wine tasting we try Gravensteiner, Jonagold or Elstar in a wine glass - mmmh! Before we leave, our gaze wanders once more over the white and red blossoming apple trees. No wonder that the apples like it up here despite an altitude of 900 meters!
On the drive back to the starting point we review the day: a lot of nature, a lot of peace, good food, nice company, new impressions - we have certainly come a little closer to our inner balance.


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