Refill your bottle

Fresh drinking water to go

Enjoying pure spring water and doing something good
Mountains, forests, rivers - the sunny plateau Ritten in South Tyrol has a lot of natural treasures to offer. We want to protect these natural places, our home and your holiday destination. We use natural resources such as water sustainably, because even small changes protect the environment. Be part of this change!
Why carry plastic water bottles up the mountain when there are natural springs? The "Refill your bottle" campaign is a step towards a more sustainable future: you too can do without disposable plastic and enjoy fresh spring water from numerous drinking water wells. Also our partners will refill your bottle.
Our tip: with the practical and lightweight stainless steel "Refill your bottle" drinking bottle, you can carry the precious drinking water with you. The environmentally friendly drinking bottle is available in two sizes as a single-walled bottle.

• Parkhotel Holzner
Hotel Weihrerhof
Waldhotel Tann (with bottles)
• Hotel Regina (with bottles)
Hotel Rinner
Restaurant Pizzeria Pirbamer
Mitterstiller Dolomites Relais (with bottles)
• Art Apartments Lichtenstern (with bottles)
Feltuner Hütte (Refill-Station)

little (0,5 l) € 9,95
great (0,75 l) € 14,95
and thermos bottle
little (0,5 l) € 19,99
great (0,75 l) € 24,99


Hotel Am Wolfsgrubenersee
Hotel Geyrerhof
Hotel Bemelmans
Apipura Hotel Rinner