Active on Renon in all kinds of weather

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes

Although Renon is a truly blessed place on this earth with 300 days of sunshine a year, but the weather, like everywhere else, becomes more unpredictable from year to year. If Mother Hulda was busy last winter, this year she has shaken out her beds much too late. The summers here on Renon are mostly like out of a picture book with a bright blue sky and no cloud on the horizon, but there have been rainy months. But no matter if rain, sunshine, fog or wind - the possibilities to discover new experiences here are endless.
Active in all kinds of weather
It is a bit cloudy, a light wind is blowing, but when the sun comes out it is already really warm. Those are ideal conditions for a walk on one of the beautiful Renon Promenades. I'm spoilt for choice between the "Cammino villeggiatura" past pretty summer villas and the view of the provincial capital Bolzano and the Valle d'Adige and the Freud Promenade from Soprabolzano to Collalbo. I choose the latter and consciously breathe in the fresh air, take a closer look at the trees, enjoy the wonderful view of the Sciliar Mountain, sit down on a bench and enjoy nature with all my senses.

Escaping the heat
When the air shimmers in the heat and the people of Bolzano moan below 38 degrees, I enjoy pleasant summer temperatures on a high-altitude hike on the Corno del Renon. Today I start on foot from the valley station of the cable car at 1,541 m up to the Cima Lago Nero at 2,070 m and then continue on the premium trail to the top of the Corno del Renon at 2,259 m. Up here you have the best view to all the mountains of the Dolomites, the panorama makes you speechless. No wonder that the high altitude tours here have names like "Südtiroler Himmelstour" or "Panoramic Trail".

So there is enough to discover and to do here on the sunny plateau in all kinds of weather. All we have to do is change our attitude towards the weather.


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