Soak up the sun!

Blessed with at least 300 days of sunshine each year, on the Renon mountain, you can soak up so much sun, it might even keep you warm on those few rainy days … Find out more about your vacation weather here.

Weather today, 22.09.2021

Sun and high clouds

During the day high clouds dimming the sun. Windy in the northern valleys.
High pressure conditions.
Highs between 17° to 25°.
Sun and high clouds

Mountain conditions today, 22.09.2021

Sun and high clouds

Temperatures: 1000m = 16° / 2000m = 10° / 3000m = 1°Good conditions but partly thick high clouds above the peaks. Strong northerly winds.
Sun and high clouds

Weather tomorrow, 23.09.2021

Lots of sunshine

Very sunny all over the day. In the morning local low stratus clouds are possible.
High pressure conditions lead to stable weather.
In the morning fresh temperatures, in the afternoon maximum values between 18° and 24°.
Lots of sunshine

Mountain conditions tomorrow, 23.09.2021

Lots of sunshine

Temperatures: 1000m = 22° / 2000m = 10° / 3000m = 5°Excellent weather in the mountains with great visibility. Only in the south in the morning some low stratus clouds are possible.
Lots of sunshine

4 Day Weather Forecast

Sunny and calm autumnal weather.








SunnyPartly cloudyCloudyCloudy
Min 3°Max 25°Min 4°Max 25°Min 6°Max 24°Min 8°Max 24°
Reliability 90%Reliability 80%Reliability 70%Reliability 70%
22.09.2021 - 20:03

For detailed information on the weather conditions at the Rittner Horn/Corno del Renon consult its meteorological station’s webpage!
Discover the current weather in real time through the Renon Webcams!
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