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Sunny Renon Mountain – Hiking near paradise for families and gourmets

From the sunny slopes in the valley all the way up to the breezy heights of Rittner Horn/Corno del Renon – the hiking resort Renon spreads across about 300 kilometers of trails, offering challenging and pleasant hiking adventures for all tastes and intensity levels. The easy and pleasant walks along the beautiful promenades of Renon are just as intriguing as the challenging high mountain trails on Corno del Renon. All around, an indescribably amazing view of the surrounding mountains opens up in front of you. Stroll across vast meadows and through romantic woods, and anticipate a well-deserved break at one of the many excellent inns and rural taverns. There’s something for everyone: tons of fun for families, peace and inspiration for those seeking relaxation, and athletic challenges for exercise enthusiasts.

Our Picks: Awesome family hikes on the Renon mountain
Earth Pyramids Earth Pyramids Start: Collalbo, station
End: Collalbo, station
Trail number: 24
Tour length: 3.580 m
Ascent: 100 m
Descent: 104 m
Tour duration: 80 min.
Trail type: easy hiking trail
Tour points: earth pyramids, magnificent Dolomite panorama, Commandery Lengmoos/Longomoso
Promenade Maria AssuntaPromenade Maria AssuntaStart: Soprabolzano, station
End: Soprabolzano, station
Trail number: 2, 14A, 2B, 14, 14B, 35
Tour length: 4.179 m
Difference in altidude: 107 m
Tour duration: 1 h 10 min.
Trail type: easy
Tour points: idyllic summer resort Maria Himmelfahrt/Maria Assunta, panorama of the Dolomites 

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Freud PromenadeFreud PromenadeStart: Soprabolzano
End: Collalbo
Trail number: 35
Tour lenght: 5.585 m
Ascent: 132 m
Descent: 92 m
Tour duration: 1 h 20 min
Trail type: easy hiking trail
Tour points: Aphorisms on the Freud Promenade, panorama Dolomites, return Railway Renon

Sommerfrischweg & ErdpyramidenwegSommerfrischweg & ErdpyramidenwegRoundStart: Soprabolzano, station
End: Soprabolzano, station
Trail number & sign: Sommerfrischweg & Erdpyramidenweg
Tour length: 5.280 m
Ascent: 238 m
Descent: 227 m
Tour duration: 100 min.
Trail type: medium hiking trail
Tour points: earth pyramids, churches St. Georg & Jakob, summer resort in Maria Assunta
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Panoramic Loop TrailPanoramic Loop TrailStart: Cima Lago Nero, 2.069m
End: Cima Lago Nero, 2.069m
Trail number: 19
Tour length: 2.863 m
Descent: 99 m
Ascent: 78 m
Tour duration: 45 min
Trail type: easy walk
Tour points: magnificent panorama of the Dolomites, Round Table, Dolomitoscope, natural mountain pine labyrinth, Kneipp basin
Chasing-the-Sky Hiking TourChasing-the-Sky Hiking TourRide  the Gondola Corno del Renon to Cima Lago Nero where the Panoramic Loop Trail starts out. The entire trail is seamed with picturesque descriptions of the dominant tree species: the mountain pine and the Swiss pine. Passing the “Round Table” and the “Dolomitoscope” the Loop Trail leads to the Unterhorn inn with its unique Alpine Rock Garden. Next, the hike leads across the alpine pastures of Barbiano (Barbianer Almen) to the mountain pine oil distillery, the mystical location in the “Pfannenstiehl” (panhandle) and finally to the highest point of the hike. From thence the tour moves across the alpine pastures of Renon to the “Neue Berghütte”- the new mountain hut (not open to the public). Following the Heusteig track, lined with comfy spots to sit down and burbling wood troughs, you reach the Feltunerhütte – popular refreshment and snack stop. From here it’s a short and easy walk back to the mountain terminal at Cima Lago Nero.
Horn trailHorn trailFrom the parking lot Pemmern/Tre Vie (1.541 m) we take the cable car to the Schwarzseespitze/Cima Lago Nero (2.070 m). From here, we follow the indication “Panoramaweg” beginning on the left towards  Unterhorn/Corno di sotto (2.040). Following the indications for Oberes Horn/Corno di Sopra (2.260 m) we will arrive at the peak of the hiking tour. Walking back down along path N° 2, past the refuge “Berghütte” (2.090 m), until we hit N° 2A. This is the way back to the mountain terminal of the gondola. Finally, we can walk trail N° 1 all the way back to Tre Vie (1.5 hours)
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