Ode to traditional authenticity

Celebrate a hiking and gourmet experience

Törggelen is an age-old tradition dating back to a time when farmers would treat all their friends and neighbors who helped yielding the harvest in the fall to a meal at their farmhouse, to celebrate the completion of this exhausting job. In wine-growing regions, this feast was usually held in the cellar, where of course the wine press, called “Torggl” in the local vernacular, was situated. And from thence derived the term “törggelen”.

Today, törggelen is a popular custom, inseperable from autumn in South Tyrol. It celebrates nature’s abundant contribution to the autumn harvest, and its popularity reaches far beyond the borders of our region. Whose spirits wouldn’t cheer, while strolling through golden forests, gazing into clear blue skies, breathing in the fragrance of ripe grapes along sun-kissed slopes? In several rural taverns and farms on the Renon mountain, you will be served good wine and delicious farmhouse treats, while wrapped in the authentic ambience of cozy farmhouse-parlor Stuben or in the crisp outdoors, enjoying Renon’s celebrated panoramic view. Typical companions for a törggele-meal are the sweet grape must (“Siaßer”), the new wine (“Nuier”), and of course roasted chestnuts collected from the surrounding forests. The main course usually features homemade speck and smoked sausages (Kaminwurz) along with genuinely authentic dishes from the South Tyrolean farmer’s cuisine.

Autumn impression