With bow and arrow

Shoot a bow and feel like Ötzi or Robin Hood – That’s traditional archery practiced in Ritten. It’s less about hitting the target than controlling and mastering the simple equipment. No aids such as target devices are used here at all. Rather, archery is practiced in the wide open nature of our beautiful landscape. Archers aim at 3D animal models made from special synthetic material to simulate a real hunting thrill.

On the Renon mountain, you can shoot arrows at the archery park in Oberbozen and in Oberinn by the RiArco. The local Archery Club offers first-timer trial lessons for groups (four people minimum) on the grounds in Oberbozen.

  • Parcours Rainbow Oberbozen - Tel. +39 349 677 5561
  • Parcours RiArco Oberinn - Tel. +39 333 466 2667
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