Climbing fun on the red rocks of Ritten Porphyry

here are two small rock climbing parks on the sunny plateau:
One in Monte di Mezzo and one in Auna di Sotto.

In Monte di Mezzo you can park your car at the inn Egartner. After a 30-minute walk you will reach the porphyry climbing territory. This wall allows for intense climbing training, ideal for crack climbing, slab climbing, and crimp climbing. The numerous routes, though excellently secured, are very demanding - not ideal for beginners.
In Monte di Mezzo, climbing is best enjoyed in spring and autumn, as the southeast-facing rock gets really hot.

Since 2010, Renon also has a porphyry rock climbing park near Auna di Sotto, boasting 50 routes. Here crimps and cracks are complemented by pockets, rather untypical for porphyry. Because the rock faces south, this rock climbing park is also a great place to be in the winter.

Summer fun on the sunny mountain and plateau

Tranquility in motion: Activity and idleness merge to a perfect vacation on the Renon mountain!

Relax or hike? Kick back or work out? Worship the sun or go on an adventure? Sometimes it’s hard to decide, but not on the sunny plateau of Ritten/Renon! Here, action and tranquility, relaxation and outdoor adventure merge wonderfully and make the decision for you: do it all – and all at once!
The annual 300 days of sun allow for activity in the great outdoors. Every exercise through bright woods and across vast meadows turns into a holistic regenerative and satisfying experience. Hiking, jogging, swimming or biking- it doesn’t matter what you do- at the sight of the omnipresent, breathtaking 360° panorama, your soul will find time to unwind while your body is full of adrenaline. With your head right here, allow your mind to wander off into the vastness.
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