The cradle of summer retreat

The custom of escaping the heat of the Bolzano basin and retreating to the Renon mountain during the hot summer months dates back to the 17th century, when the Bolzano gentry started searching for and finding cooler dwellings and fresher air on the sunny plateau.
With the construction of the cog railway from Bolzano to Soprabolzano and the narrow-gauge train all the way to Collalbo in the early 20th century, Renon finally became the favored summer retreat. Soprabolzano, at an altitude of 1221 meters, is the hub of traditional summer retreat destinations, boasting a lot of green, even in its village center, and offering a vast selection of excursions and hikes into the nearby surroundings.
In Soprabolzano you may find the following:
  • several shops (groceries, convenience & kiosk)
  • Ritten/Renon Tourist Office information center
  • train station of the historic narrow-gauge railway
  • top station of the Renon Cable Car
  • play grounds
  • public outdoor pool
  • sports field that turns into an ice rink in the winter
  • the history-steeped summer resort Maria Himmelfahrt and its ancient shooting range
  • the earth pyramids of Oberbozen
  • the Wolfsgrubnersee Pond (in the district of Wolfsgruben)
  • educational trail
Hotel Bemelmans
Hotel Weihrerhof
Hotel Tann
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