Wine from sun - drenched grapes

An authentic product is the Renon wine; made exclusively from grapes grown on the Renon. There is only a small selected set of 10.000 bottles available in shops or in the hotels and catering.
Wine Ansitz Waldgrieshof - St. Justina, Bozen
Wine Ebner, Weinbergweg 8, Atzwang, Ritten
Wine Max Thurner, Perlhof, Unterleitach 1, Bozen
Wine Rielinger, Siffianer Leitach, Ritten
Wine Spornberg, Erdpyramidenweg 8, Oberbozen, Ritten
Apipura Hotel Rinner
Hotel Bemelmans
Hotel Geyrerhof
Hotel Am Wolfsgrubenersee