Exhibitors in Soprabolzano

The „Rittner Christbahnl“ distinguishes itself with crafts and arts, local specialties and home-made products. Exhibitors from Ritten, Bolzano and surroundings work all year to offer a variety of goods and products for every taste.

You will find the Christmas market directly at the train station in Oberbozen. If you reach the high plateau with the cable car from Bolzano, you will dive into Christmas atmosphere right at the exit. After visiting the village and the market you may continue your ride with the train to the markets in the next villages Wolfsgruben and Klobenstein.

These goods are on sale in Oberbozen:

Different types of angels, herb pillows, wreath, flowers, socks, bijoux, incense, herb and flower salt by Rosa Alber Weger und Thomas Hilpold

Original home slippers from Ritten, socks, paper flowers by Johanna Wieser

Dream catcher out of natural material, jewellery out copper and other materials by Christian Dallio

Christmas decoration, dwarfs out of fabric, hand-painted glass balls, macramé products by Daniela Cobelli

Mimi’s bijoux, Christmas decoration, hand-knitten caps and more by Irmgard Rabanser

100% natural essential oils, natural cosmetics, pine wood products by Meinrad Rabanser

Christmas decoration, gift ideas, cribs and lanterns by Heidemarie Rauch Ramoser

Bijoux, Bijou boxes, Bookmarks, Jana paper recycelt and hand-made by Katja Suriani & Tanja Jarussi

Honey, honey products, wax figures by Paul Rinner

Marmellate, Christmas cookies, juices, wine, dryed fruits and vinegar by Föranerhof

Gastronomy stand with typical specialties and hot Christmas drinks by Manfred Rinner & Team

Lama and alpaca trekking by Kaserhof between 10 am and 5 pm



Cozy, well almost contemplative – that’s the best way to describe the ambience at Renon’s Christmas Market, the Christmas Train Market “Christbahnl”. The snow falls softly from the sky and Christmas carols gently jingle across the square.
When Christmas is near, when the snow quietly falls from the sky, then it is time for the "Rittner Christbahnl", the special Christmas market on the Ritten. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big Christmas markets, the scent of gingerbread and mulled wine, traditional soups and typical products rises from the small booths that look like a train.
This small, fine Christmas market with its "Rittner Bahnln" will once again take place at three locations on the Ritten: at the station square in Oberbozen, at the Plattner Bienenhof, Wolfsgruben and in the village centre of Klobenstein.
There you can expect local specialities and high quality handicrafts. In keeping with the Advent season, there is a supporting programme at the "Rittner Christbahnl" with concerts by singers and musicians, the Rittner Alphornbläsern.... and children can look forward to "fairytale and magical" afternoons!
November  29, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
january 5, 2025 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Useful information for groups of 10 people and more:

Train and cable car tickets:
Groups can purchase a group ticket for joint journeys and thus benefit from a discount. We recommend buying the group ticket for the Renon cable car and narrow-gauge railway together at the ticket office at the valley station of the Renon cable car. The fare for the return journey from Bolzano to Soprabolzano to Collalbo costs 14 euro per person. If the group only buys a single ticket for the Renon cable car and narrow-gauge railway, the journey costs 7 euro per person.

Klobenstein: coaches can load and unload their guests at the Zentral car park. From there, it is only a two-minute walk to the Christmas market in the village centre of Klobenstein. Coaches must park at the Drischübl car park by the earth pyramids or at the car park in Lengmoos. There is no parking available at the Ritten Arena.
Oberbozen: In Oberbozen there are neither turning facilities nor parking spaces for buses. The village should therefore not be approached by large buses. Possible parking at the car park in Wolfsgruben.

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