Feel good and relax

A break on the sunny plateau in South Tyrol

You need a break every now and again so you can rest and recharge ready for everyday life. The sunny plateau makes this break a reality. Experts help you slow down and relax at special retreats on your mini break. On breaks at rejuvenating spots in the natural landscape of South Tyrol, participants will learn to re-focus on what is essential, to ground themselves and to enjoy the moment with mindfulness.
  • Dolomite view & 360° panorama
  • Discover the Earth Pyramids Ritten, the Railway Ritten, the cable car Rittner Seilbahn...
  • reach Bolzano with the cable car Ritten in only 12 minutes
  • Free rides with RittenCard
The healing power of honey and bee airThe healing power of honey and bee airFrom may every monday
The day is dedicated to the busy bees and their "sweet gold". Discover the healing power of the bee air with bio beekeeper Paul Rinner. He opens for you the apiairy and tells us of the bees and their products. With every flap of their wings, the humming helpers whirl up a very special air: The fragrant and healthy bee air. It strengthens the immune system and is also said to alleviate various ailments such as migraine, asthma and allergies. Mr. Rinner will do special breathing exercises with you, which will intensify the effect of the bee air. Apitherapy is a unique opportunity to promote your well-being and calm down.
The Hotel Rinner prepares a selection of lunch dishes around honey and local ingredients for you. Afterwards we walk to the nearby apiculture museum Plattner-Bienenhof. Numerous historical relics bear witness to the life of the farmers in the past centuries and to the history and development of beekeeping. Enjoy and experience the nature trail, old cultivated plants and a beautiful farmer's garden in the open air. Then a short hike along the Freud Promenade takes us back to Klobenstein. 
Meeting point: 10.00 a.m. at Collalbo railway station and 10.30 a.m. at Soprabolzano railway station
Participation fee: from € 20, with RittenCard from € 10, (lunch included, museum entrance not included)
Registration at the tourism association Renon until Monday, 09.00 o'clock

Breathing between mountain pines and DolomitesBreathing between mountain pines and DolomitesFrom mid may every wednesday
We take the Cable Car Corno del Renon to the Cima Lago Nero. Fresh mountain air and a wonderful panorama await us there. The hike leads over the blooming alpine meadows to the Barbianer Alm. There is the rustic mountain pine oil distillery, where the owner Meinrad Rabensteiner gives an insight into the traditional production of mountain pine and swiss pine oil. Both are regarded as treasures of the Alps and have a calming effect on the respiratory tract as well as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect.
The organic product is produced in harmony with nature, fresh needles and twig tips of the mountain pine are collected in summer and processed in a gentle way.
In a fantastic mountain scenery and with the smell of mountain pines it is even easier to exhale and relax.
We hike back to the Feltuner Hütte, where delicious mountain pine dishes are served.
Finally we walk through the mountain pines back to the Cima Lago Nero, where the Cable Car Corno del Renon brings us back. 
Meeting point: 09.00 at the railway station in Collalbo or 09.20 at the valley station of the cable car Corno del Renon in Tre Vie
Participation fee: € 10, free with RittenCard, without lunch
Registration at the tourism association Renon until Tuesday, 17.00 o'clock
Note: Please take provisions with you, lunch around 1:30 p.m.

Beautiful and mystical placesBeautiful and mystical placesThe nature and landscape guide Karl Unterhofer explains on the hikes to special and mystical places, what nature overs us to find our inner balance.
Freud PromenadeFreud PromenadeOn a walk in Freud's footsteps, guided hikes with the expert dr. Francesco Marchioro from May  

In search of herbsIn search of herbsThis circular walk takes us past idyllic places where nature herbs for our well-being and our health can grow. Led by an herbalist we learn the “herbal basics“. At the end herbal teas and curds are prepared.
Experience the RenonExperience the RenonEnjoy hiking. On the Renon, you can do something for your well-being and your health in many ways. Whether gentle challenge or restful movement, the sunny plateau is ageless and family-friendly! Swing the poles set with the hiking guide...

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