Playing the royal racket sport

Tennis is often referred to as the sport of kings, and rightly so. Playing this game, elegantly swinging the racket, demands physical fitness, precision and refinement. But, it sure comes with a lot of fun! On the Renon plateau, there are several places where you can play a fine match of this wonderful game.
Arena Ritten
2 sand courts and 1 artificial grass court
Spring to mid-October
For information call: Phone: +39 0471 357 288
Together with the Tennis School Unterland, the Tennis Club here offers courses for kids and individual lessons for adults.

Costalovara – Hotel Maier
Tennis court with floodlights
Mid-May to mid- September
For information contact:
Apparthotel Maier
Phone: +39 0471 345 114

Soprabolzano – Parkhotel Holzner
2 sand courts
Mid-May to mid-October
For information call:
Parkhotel Holzner
Phone: +39 0471 345 231
Hotel Bemelmans
Hotel Tann
Hotel Weihrerhof