Wine-growing estate on Renon: A visit at the Schwarhof

Pioneers of biodynamic viticulture

After a few bends from Bolzano up to Renon, you pass the small, beautifully situated church of St. Justina and reach Schwarhof. Behind the name hides a winery of a special kind - and a beautiful spot with a fabulous view.
Did I read that right: Homeopathy in viticulture? During my research for the interview with winemaker Hayo Loacker, I become suspicious. "Hayo's father Rainer started biodynamic viticulture 40 years ago. Now it's linked to homeopathy. Is this a marketing gag or what is behind it? Curious, I arrive at the estate and am immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful property. As I walk with Hayo through the vines with the juicy grapes, I realize what a beautiful but exhausting job a winemaker has. At the end of the walk, a view of Bolzano over the slopes of the Santa Maddalena Hill awaits me, taking my breath away. A dream village at 450 m above sea level, in the famous St. Magdalener wine growing area.

Then Hayo talks about the place where good wine has its beginning: the soil. If the soil is healthy, the wine is also healthy. For this reason biodynamic wineries like the Schwarhof cultivate the soil with green manure and sow many different plants and herbs between the vines. This soil cultivation allows the plants to develop deeper roots and thus become more resistant. What if the vine is attacked by a disease or a fungus? "Then homeopathy is used." It is based on trust in the existing self-healing powers of the vineyard. These only need to be stimulated, for example with arnica or magnesium.

The results are individual wines full of character. "Every vintage tastes different, nature sets the accents. And don't forget: A healthy wine has a harmonious energy that is transferred to the human being." That's probably the reason for the happiness that's overwhelming me here. So stop by on Renon at the Schwarhof, drink one of the many excellent wines in the "Sky Wine Pavilion" and enjoy the unique panorama over Bolzano.

Loacker Schwarhof
Santa Giustina 3
I-39100 Bolzano
tel. 0471 365 125
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