Discover Renon from the bike saddle

Cycling surrounded by a dreamlike mountain scenery

Small creeks, lush meadows, rustic farms and the view of a unique mountain world - not without reason, Renon is very popular for many mountain bikers as a holiday destination. The sunny plateau is a true Eldorado for mountain bikers. Especially the five most popular mountain bike tours guarantee bikers full pedalling and biking pleasure.
Luck on two wheels has many forms on Renon. In view of the numerous possibilities - from challenging tours to sweat-inducing fitness tours to relaxed family trips- everyone will find the right route. In between you can strengthen yourself with a glass of homemade elderflower juice or a beer at a country tavern.

Across country towards the summit pleasure
The temptation to stop more often and enjoy the panorama is big. On the way you can also "take along" one or the other sight, like on the tour via Maria Saal, where you pass the famous earth pyramids. Other tours lead through wonderful forests, where one finds pleasant shade, especially in the hot summer months. Or you can cycle to the top of Renon, the Corno del Renon, the view of the Dolomites World Heritage compensates for every drop of sweat. Choose your personal lucky route!

Popular mountain bike tours on Renon

1st Bike Tour: Soprabolzano - Farm Lobishof - Riggermoos - Soprabolzano
Start: Soprabolzano, mountain station Renon cable car
Easy tour with approx. 10 km length

2nd Bike tour: Collalbo- Maria Saal - Bad Siess - Tann - Collalbo
Start: Collalbo, parking Kaiserau
Easy tour with approx. 11 km length

3rd Bike Tour: Collalbo around the Fennberg hill
Start: Collalbo , parking Zentral
Easy tour with about 3 km

4th bike tour: Auna di Sopra- Monte Cavallo - Tre Vie- Tann - Auna di Sopra
Start: Auna di Sopra parking
Easy tour with approx. 12 km length

5th bike tour: Tre Vie - Monte Cavallo - Corno del Renon - Hut Gasserhütte
Start: Tre Vie, Valley Station of the Corno del Renon cable car
Demanding tour with about 13 km one-way
Hotel Tann
Hotel Weihrerhof
Hotel Bemelmans