What an experience!

True bliss awaits everybody on the sunny Ritten plateau and mountain – but especially family with kids: Vast forests and woods yearn to be conquered, nature to be explored and adventures to be embarked on.
Here are our picks and sugggestions for an unforgettable family experience on the Renon mountain:
LlamatrekkingLlamatrekkingAttraction for kids: llamas and alpacas, which feel at home on the alpine pasture. Migrating with the curious animals and keeping them on a leash, gives children a lot of fun. More information
The brooms are saddled!The brooms are saddled!In the forest above Longostagno it´s incredibly scary. At the “Hexenbödele” where witches and devils celebrate revelries at night, the legend has it that a courageous young man met his death. Today, there is an old
larch, with branches and twigs like a witches’ broom.
Traditional archery Traditional archery Traditional archery on an obstacle course in the great outdoors in Soprabolzano near the Lobishof.More information
Visiting farmers and beesVisiting farmers and beesLocated on a picturesque hill the Plattner Hof in Costalovara is one of the oldest on the Renon. Inside you get an impression of the hard life of farmers in the past, sweetened by South Tyrol‘s largest exhibition on beekeeping. A trail before the farmhouse explains to visitors the world from the perspective of bees.More information
Hotel Weihrerhof
Hotel Bemelmans
Hotel Rinner