Pond Hockey Championship

in the Arena Ritten in South Tyrol

14th - 17th february 2020
2 Nights
starting from € 76,- per person
  • Renon: a winter wonderland near the Dolomites
  • Ice Rink Arena Ritten
  • Earth pyramids, bizarre natural landscape design
  • Renon's historic narrow-gauge railway
  • Visit Ötzi, the Icemann in Bolzano
  • RittenCard, just priceless
Take checks and slapshots out of hockey, subtract goalies, offside and icing; what remains is hockey in it’s purest form. And that is pond hockey: hockey for the sake of it. Here it’s all about the beauty, the elegance and of course the fun of the game. Skill is what you need!

Because Renon boasts a long history of playing hockey that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, with this tournament we wish to pay tribute to the roots fastest team sport in the world. Allow us to invite you to the “4°European Pond Hockey Championship”, the unofficial European Championship of pond hockey right here in the heart of beautiful South Tyrol.

  • 2 or 3 nights
  • Pond Hockey inclusive games
  • RittenCard
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Haus Rottensteiner
Haus Rottensteiner
39054 Soprabolzano
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+39 0471 345 264
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Haus Bauer
Haus Bauer
39054 Collalbo
Via Tann 8
+39 0471 356 314
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for 3 nights with breakfast € 108.
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Hotel Post-Victoria
Hotel Post-Victoria
39054 Soprabolzano
Paese 1
+39 0471 345 365
starting from € 92,-
with breakfast and with half board € 104.
For 3 nights with breakfast € 138 and with half board € 156.
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