Find your pace – Running in the sunny heights of the Renon mountain

Running is a great way to keep in shape and a fantastic cardio workout. Oh, and it also boosts your immune system. But, running through Renon’s lovely natural landscape adds another bonus to your exercise – a sense of bliss and happiness, we promise! Breathe fresh mountain air , gaze at the gorgeous Dolomites, and your run is upgraded to a complete feel-good and workout experience.
  • A Passeggiata Freud, start in Collalbo or Soprabolzano
  • B Lobis Ronda, start in Soprabolzano
  • C Ronda della frescatura, start in Soprabolzano
  • D Ronda Gstrahl, start in Soprabolzano
  • E Ronda Aqualon, start in Costalovara
  • F Passeggiata Fenn, start in Collalbo
  • G Passeggiata Eyrl, start in Collalbo
  • H Ronda Arena, start in Collalbo
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