Handmade and unique

Every winter the high-quality products offered at the Christmas Train Market enjoy great appeal and fascination. They’re unique with their genuine handicraft authenticity that touches the senses! From delicious South Tyrolean specialties to traditional artisanship, the “train operators” at the Renon Christmas Market, in their little train-styled stands, sell only handmade crafts and homemade goods:

Discover the unique and fine products of the Christmas Train Market

In Soprabolzano at the railway station
  • Backhaus Hackhofer:
  • Irmgard Rabanser:
  • Margot Morandell-Trettl:
  • Daniela Cobelli:
  • Paul Rinner:
  • Petits Vetro:
  • Rosa Alber Wegmann:
  • Föranerhof:
  • Monika Curti:
  • Gabriella Pecchia:
  • Manfred Rinner & Team
In Collalbo
  • Bäckerei Gottfried Niederstätter:
  • Sabryglass:
  • Heidemarie Rauch Ramoser:
  • Heisse Nadeln-Hanna Kusstatscher:
  • Moon:
  • A & M - Angelika Schlechtleitner:
  • Willy Lun:
  • Kräuterperle-Martina Burchianti:
  • Landhaus Ruedl:
  • Julia's Keramik:
  • Franz Lintner:
  • Monika Mayr:
  • Schafzuchtverein Ritten:
  • Gastronomiestand:
Hotel Naturidylle Geyrerhof
Südtirol Balance
Hotel Weihrerhof
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